Pam is the best teacher that I’ve had for long-arm. Please tell her that “I get IT”…feathers that is.


Loved the feather class. Pam was great, helpful and so friendly. Of course, that includes the store employees also. I always feel so welcomed at your store! I usually only take 1 class a year so suggestions for other classes, I have no idea! Thanks for providing a place for long arm education and enthusiasm!


I LOVED the Feathers are My Friend class. Attached is a photo of a quilt back that includes a couple of rows of feathers, and they actually look like feathers. Pam is a fabulous teacher, practical, succinct and thorough. I never felt over my head and never felt like I couldn’t do what she demonstrated. I would love to take another class. Techniques are the building blocks for quilting a professional looking quilt and I love building on what I’ve learned. I’m a self taught quilter and this was my first machine quilting class. I haven’t even begun to apply all that she taught us in just that one day. Thank you so much for hosting and please thank Pam for all her hard work. I had so much fun! Blessings,

Diane H.

Pam’s classes were exactly what I needed. She is such a good teacher, walking us through the steps and providing so much personal feedback and support to everyone. I would gladly take more classes from her. And you did a great job of providing assistance with the machines so that we could all keep sewing when a bobbin ran out or the thread broke. Thanks so much.