Joyce H.

I have had two quilts quilted by Heartbeat Quilting last year and they were done beautifully. I appreciated the expert advice as to what quilting designs would coordinate with the patterns in the fabric and the piecing pattern of the quilts. They were gifts that I made for my adult children and they said that the quilts were the best gifts they received that Christmas.

Dana F.

Good morning, Wanda and crew, The quilting you did on my batik quilt is sublime!  Nikki suggested the perfect variegated-color thread for this colorful quilt, and it shows up beautifully on every fabric tone.  And I especially like the Gypsy Feathers panto quilting pattern with swoops and circles.  This quilt can be appreciated on many dimensions.  Thank you all so much!   

Susan H.

This is a pic of my quilt. It is all done and it feels elegant. Thank you for the wonderful quilting! I love the machine quilting done at Heartbeat. I agree on loving the binding, too! Thank you.

Kathy H.

I just wanted to say thank you for the training class that you held on December 10th. I have NEVER used a longarm before and an absolute BEGINNER! But with the 2-1/2 hour training I went too, I came away a little less scared. Then I signed up to come in and use one of the longarm machines on December 17th and I had an absolute blast! I came away feeling sooo accomplished! From the beginning of making the quilt top, to the backing and batting — and then me actually quilting it all together — WOW! That felt AWESOME! Thank you so much and I will be back in January to quilt more! And the staff were there to assist if I needed anything and even though they were busy with their work, they never portrayed that I was a nuisance.

Joyce C.

Happy holidays from Pocatello.  I enjoy stoping at your shop and always leave with at least a book or two and plenty of thread.  You and your staff are so friendly and that goes a long way with me.  Merry Christmas to you all.

Dana F.

Hello, Heartbeatniks!

I am delighted with the Statler “Rapunzel” edge-to-edge quilting on my “Daisy Chain” quilt. When I dropped my quilt off at your shop, it was all squares and right angles. Now, the graceful swirls and circles of the stitching have added a rich layer of softness and liveliness! I especially like the way the stitching pops up on the light solid colored fabrics. Thank you very much.


Mary S.

I just wanted to take a moment of your time to tell you how fantastic your Rental class was last weekend! Beverly and I had a wonderful time learning about your machines and spent the trip home discussing plans to come and rent soon! Thanks again for the great class!


I would like to repeat how happy I am with the quilt that I picked up that Nikki quilted for me. It is beautiful and everyone I show it to says how lovely it is. Please let Nikki know that she did a marvelous job.