Kathy H.

I just wanted to say thank you for the training class that you held on December 10th. I have NEVER used a longarm before and an absolute BEGINNER! But with the 2-1/2 hour training I went too, I came away a little less scared. Then I signed up to come in and use one of the longarm machines on December 17th and I had an absolute blast! I came away feeling sooo accomplished! From the beginning of making the quilt top, to the backing and batting — and then me actually quilting it all together — WOW! That felt AWESOME! Thank you so much and I will be back in January to quilt more! And the staff were there to assist if I needed anything and even though they were busy with their work, they never portrayed that I was a nuisance.

Joyce C.

Happy holidays from Pocatello.  I enjoy stoping at your shop and always leave with at least a book or two and plenty of thread.  You and your staff are so friendly and that goes a long way with me.  Merry Christmas to you all.

Dana F.

Hello, Heartbeatniks!

I am delighted with the Statler “Rapunzel” edge-to-edge quilting on my “Daisy Chain” quilt. When I dropped my quilt off at your shop, it was all squares and right angles. Now, the graceful swirls and circles of the stitching have added a rich layer of softness and liveliness! I especially like the way the stitching pops up on the light solid colored fabrics. Thank you very much.


Mary S.

I just wanted to take a moment of your time to tell you how fantastic your Rental class was last weekend! Beverly and I had a wonderful time learning about your machines and spent the trip home discussing plans to come and rent soon! Thanks again for the great class!


I would like to repeat how happy I am with the quilt that I picked up that Nikki quilted for me. It is beautiful and everyone I show it to says how lovely it is. Please let Nikki know that she did a marvelous job.


Loved the feather class. Pam was great, helpful and so friendly. Of course, that includes the store employees also. I always feel so welcomed at your store! I usually only take 1 class a year so suggestions for other classes, I have no idea! Thanks for providing a place for long arm education and enthusiasm!


I LOVED the Feathers are My Friend class. Attached is a photo of a quilt back that includes a couple of rows of feathers, and they actually look like feathers. Pam is a fabulous teacher, practical, succinct and thorough. I never felt over my head and never felt like I couldn’t do what she demonstrated. I would love to take another class. Techniques are the building blocks for quilting a professional looking quilt and I love building on what I’ve learned. I’m a self taught quilter and this was my first machine quilting class. I haven’t even begun to apply all that she taught us in just that one day. Thank you so much for hosting and please thank Pam for all her hard work. I had so much fun! Blessings,